Actress & Owner of Shonisani Braids

Breathing Life Into Dreams

Meeting yourself where you want to see yourself.

Radiating positivity and self-love, Shonisani is one bold lady. When she is not gracing the small screen, she is building her own range of premium braids: Shonisani Braids. By spreading her message of love and affirmation, Shoni is impacting the lives of many.

Shonisani’s journey in the spotlight started at the age of 6 when she was scouted by a talent agency while in a drama class. As a very energetic child, her parents helped her channel her energy into her dramatic talents and encouraged her to create something with them. She received high praise from followers across the globe for her part in the Bollywood series, Mehek. Apart from her on-screen success, Shoni was approached by a popular South African braids company to start her own braids range. Her style, beauty, personality and positive energy made her the perfect candidate to breathe life into her own range of premium braids.

Shoni has never been one to shy away from her dreams and continues to affirm herself daily. “When it comes to levelling up and becoming your most authentic self, and then meeting yourself where you want to see yourself, it’s about becoming”. She is continually working on herself, and determining her own abilities, seeing her growth and goals as becoming the best version of herself rather than obstacles that need to be overcome.

Stop counting yourself out.

Using one’s energy and channelling it into something beautiful and purposeful

One thing Shoni lives by is that taking the risk to follow your dreams might seem daunting and scary, but it always pays off. Her journey into acting has taught her that she can use her energy to create something beautiful, and she treats her platform in the same way. She has realized the importance of using her platform for good. Her belief in herself is something she works on regularly and is mirrored in the love she spreads around her. “You really never know how much impact you can have on someone’s life”.

Shoni affirms herself daily and wants to encourage women to stop counting themselves out and thinking they’re not good enough. Make a bold decision, and choose yourself, count yourself in. She has had to take many risks in a creative industry to get to where she is and feels that women shouldn’t be afraid to speak up, be bold and take their place in this world.

Why is it important for her to look after her skin?

For Shonisani, besides the fact that she has to wear makeup often on set and while filming, her skincare routine is an act of self-love. “Taking the time to know your skin and treat it well is a deep sense of knowing yourself and loving yourself. By taking care of my skin, I’m telling myself ‘Hey Shonisani, I love you, and I will always take care of you”, there is no greater joy than knowing you’ve got your own back. You can spread your love easier if you start with loving yourself.” Respect your skin.