Giving A Voice To The Unheard

Everyone should be heard, and not everyone should be taken care of.

When it comes to authenticity and doing what’s right, Mimi is the girl that does it all. When she isn’t balancing her challenging career as a lawyer fighting for gender equality; she is sharing her journey to self-confidence with her followers.

Mimi has always felt attracted to the law, because of what it means to her. To her, being in this position means that she is doing her part to ensure everyone is cared for. Being a woman in her field, she feels strongly that women should lead the advancement for gender equality. She wants to use her position of privilege, her voice to help those who feel unheard. By doing this, she can act as the middle (wo-)man between those with power and those without it. 

Women have been excluded from conversations in the past, rendering their voices unheard. Still, Mimi spreading the message that women have their own voices that need to be included in the conversation. This is something she lives by in her personal life as well, as it has meant sharing her vulnerabilities openly with her followers. Mimi is a firm believer in sharing authentic experiences and in sharing them, letting other women know that they are not alone.

The best person can show up as is yourself.

Life is already tough. You don’t need to be one of your own enemies.

Although sharing her authentic experiences are brave and bold, she admits to not always feeling bold and confident all the time. Opening up and sharing her personal story on social media has unfortunately also seen negative comments made against her which often knocks her confidence, but she has learnt that self-acceptance is key.

For Mimi, confidence is like doing the cha-cha: one step forward and one step back. You won’t feel the same every day, but the key is to be kind to yourself and accept yourself. At the end of the day, “the best person you can show up as is yourself”.

Mimi is respected for her embodiment of being truly herself. “There is no ‘faking’ our way to  self-confidence; it’s a personal journey every woman needs to take to truly accepting and loving oneself.”

What has she learned from her skincare journey?

Mimi has learned that the only way to truly love yourself, and the skin you’re in is to accept yourself as you are, in your entirety – as consistently as possible… Taking the time to learn and understand your skin can be a game changer – start there, learn yourself – those will be your best lessons, in beauty and in life.