B-girl, DJ & Choreographer

Going Against The Grain Resulted In Happiness Every Day

I’m going to choose this path over everything, every time.

Brimming with creativity and drive, Courtnaé is the b-girl you can’t miss. While she has also released her first EP recently, this b-girl has some serious spunk. She has been taking South Africa by storm and is making a name for herself in various industries across the world.

 As one of South Africa’s first b-girls, Courtnaé’s success didn’t just fall into her lap. Not everyone who tries to make a career out of their passion will succeed. Still, Courtnaé’s success is the result of hard work, faith and raw talent all combined to create a force to be reckoned with. While travelling and performing on international stages all over the world, she never forgets her roots. Growing up, she didn’t see and know of a lot of success around her, but she knew she wanted to change her narrative. She wanted to be someone her family, and her community would be proud of.

Courtnaé made a move to Johannesburg with no definite plan, but with big dreams. She expresses that she didn’t have a qualification, financial support or experience to back her, but she took the risk anyway. For her, this was the path she would choose over and over again to find happiness every day.

Faith is the down payment for your dreams.

Recognition for her passion

With nothing but faith on her side, Courtnaé set off on a journey of fulfilment and to follow her passion. She had to go against what was expected of her to do what makes her happy. Dancing and music make her feel happy, weightless and free. Courtnaé is a firm believer in being able to achieve and succeed in anything you are willing to work hard for. She proved people wrong with her skill and thereby ensured an easier path for b-girls to follow.

Standing boldly among people who judged her based on her gender before seeing her skill and ability has earned her respect globally. Sometimes, even if you feel like you have nothing else to back you up, faith can be the down payment for your dreams.

What impacts her skin?

As a performer, she is continuously in a different environment. Her move to Johannesburg has affected her skin’s hydration. With shoots and training, sweat and makeup being a constant in her life. She has to focus on keeping her skin clean and hydrated. She has chosen to avoid harsh chemicals on her face but tries to make sure that she always has cleansing products handy. To keep her skin clean after a training session and makeup after a show is an essential way she respects her body.